María Pérez, PhD.

  Facultad de Ingeniería de Sistemas 
Escuela Politécnica Nacional del Ecuador 
Teléfono: (+593) 2 2976 300 
Ext: 4746  Ofi: 
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  • PhD en Informática (Registro Titulo SENESCYT: 5272R-12-17215 de fecha 21-11-2012) en la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid - España.                                        


DICC-A1-L1 Inteligencia Artificial

DICC-A1-L2 Machine learning


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  • Automatic Detection of Injuries in Mammograms Using Image Analysis Techniques - Londres-UK.
  • Automatic Segmentation and Analysis of Thermograms Using Texture Descriptors for Breast Cancer Detection. Publicado en los Proceedings for Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer Aided System Engineering (APCASE 2015) - Ecuador/Quito.
  • Segmentation of infrared images: A new technology for early detection of breast diseases. Publicado en los proceedings del Industrial Technology (ICIT), 2015 IEEE International - Sevilla/España.
  • Towards the automated segmentation of epicardial and mediastinal fats: A multi-manufacturer approach using intersubject registration and random forest - Sevilla/Espana.
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  • Rician noise attenuation in the wavelet packet transformed domain for brain MRI, Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering., Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 163-175, 2014 -  The Ohio State University 470 Hitchcock Hall 2070 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43210 - 1275 USA.
  • Estimating the Rician noise level in brain MR image - Dallas, TX - USA.
  • Presenting novel de-noising techniques for brain MRI - Vienna/ Austria.